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DPRG: A new era

Subject: DPRG: A new era
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Mon Jan 19 11:53:44 CST 1998

Sorry I missed the dprg meeting.  I'm building a garage and 
have been waiting for weeks for a decent weekend without 

Congrats on the election.

I'll try to be a good parts librarian this year.  If there is 
anything you think I should do, please let me know.

My new-and-improved Trilobot will hopfully be at the Feb DPRG 
meeting. We've gotten the dual-differential drive hardware 
and software running along with most other subsystems.  3 
8052 processors in all.  Grip and lift gripper system, pan 
and tilt head with 2 degree compass, our own sonar system, 
laser pointer, IR communication between other robots and
TV remotes, RC receiver inputs, sound input and output, light 
direction sensor, line follower, temp sensor, GPS interface, 
LCD, Keypad, Basic interpreter, intel hex file downloader, 
removable panels, plenty of space for extras.  Oh I forgot, 8 
whisker bumper switches, extra A/Ds/digitial I/O for smoke
detectors, horns, water cannons, etc.  Current draw detection 
circutry.  2 axis tilt sensor. Man is this thing maxed or 
what?!  And I probably forgot a few things.  All in a 12" x 
12" x 12" platform.


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