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DPRG: A new era

Subject: DPRG: A new era
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Mon Jan 19 14:00:23 CST 1998

You wrote: 
>> I'll try to be a good parts librarian this year.  If there is 
>> anything you think I should do, please let me know.
>He He, that's what you get for not being there!  ;-)

And WHAT, exactly does that mean?

>By the way, let me mention that the February Contest has been
>bumped to March.  We voted at the meeting to have two contests
>a year and they will be at the March and September meetings.

Great, another month of troubleshooting.

>Oh, bummer, the next contest limits are 11.9" x 11.9" x 11.9"
>(just kidding of course).

Ouch.  Not funny.

>Sounds like a really, really, really, (...) nice robot!!
>Will it beat Yatu III in the contest???

It's probably not as fast as Yaho, but has a lot more class.

>Will your gripper be able to pick up cans for the contest?


>2 degree compass, is that one of those vector compasses or
>something homegrown?  How do you interface it?

Vector 2x.  Serial clock, data deal.

>GPS interface, is that a serial port :-) or what is involved
>for interfacing a GPS.  Have you played with the GPS stuff
>much?  Are you doing the land based to get the higher resolution?

There is just an extra bit-banged serial port/max232 for devices
such as a GPS.  I've seen GPS as low as $150 but I think the ones
that have RS232 are about $300.  I've just made provision for
a serial port and power so I can have this option in the future.

>2axis tilt sensor, how much did that cost, what is the
>resolution, what is the response time, where do you get, etc, etc...

This made with 4 simple mercury tilt switches at about 20 degree.
Got them from mouser.  Didn't see any need for the variable

>Wow, can it make pizza?  It's not as greasy as it cooks.

Only thin crust.  Working on thick algorthms.  Grease
detection and removal software already complete.


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