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DPRG: Mosfets or Transistors

Subject: DPRG: Mosfets or Transistors
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Tue Jan 20 21:10:28 CST 1998

> > Also could someone give me a simple reason and
> > explain why one would use a mosfet or a transistor.  I'm trying to
> > understand the application of both.  Thanks and keep up the good work.

One thing I'd like to add to Jim's explaination is that a MOSFET is a
voltage controlled device and a BJT (bipolar junction transistor) 
(the "normal" type of transistors) are current controlled.  Normally
it takes about 10v to fully turn on a standard MOSFET.

I suggest you pick up any book that describes basic electronics for
additional information.

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