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DPRG: MOSFET v/s Transistor

Subject: DPRG: MOSFET v/s Transistor
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Wed Jan 21 14:32:32 CST 1998

I am no expert but here is what I know. 

MOSFETS are used for high voltage/current and switching applications
because the have low internal resistance and they can be switched fast
fron on to off and back.  The portion of their curve that is nearly
linear is very steep so it is harder to control in a linear fashion.

The transistor has more capacitance and resistance which makes it better
if you want to operate between full on and full off. The portion of the
curve that is linear is not as steep so you have more room to vari the
gate current to adjust the output.

Hope this helps.


Erick M. Guzowsky wrote:
>   I dont reply much to mail but will have to give you a big thumbs up
> and much coodos for your actions.  Sudo gobbly gook is not for your
> group and I look foward to your converstaions regarding the robotics
> group and electronics.  Also could someone give me a simple reason and
> explain why one would use a mosfet or a transistor.  I'm trying to
> understand the application of both.  Thanks and keep up the good work.
> Erick Guzowsky


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