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DPRG: Library display case

Subject: DPRG: Library display case
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Thu Jan 22 16:15:03 CST 1998

Dear DPRGers:

I just wanted to remind everyone about the display case
that we have set aside for the Month of March in a local

The library is located at Ferguson and Juaquine
which is very close to James Vroman's house.  We will have
the display case for the entire month of March, and we need
to have some robots and some sort of display material about
our organization that we can put in the display case.

I will try to have some nice display material ready, and if
anyone has any suggestions about what content needs to be
in the display case, let me know.

I'm hoping that some of you will donate your old or dead
robot (that doesn't look old or dead ya know) for the display
case.  Of course, our contest will also be during the month
of March, so you probably don't want to donate your contest
robot for the month to be in the display case.  Of course, I'll bring
your robots back promptly to the April meeting or we
could arrange to get your robot to you quicker if you
need it after our display month is over.  I tried to call
the library today, but wouldn't you know it, they're closed
on Thursdays.  I think I remember that the case is about
6 foot long, and about 2 foot tall and 2 foot deep.
Larger robots than that need not apply!

So far I have four robots to go in the case:

James Vroman:  Linus Robot
Jim Brown:  2bit
Jim Brown:  Baby Bot
Jim Brown:  Baby Bot 2

Please let me know soon if you plan to put your robot in
the display case so I can plan the layout of the display
case, and arrange to get your robot from you.  Also, it
would be nice if you could include a brief description of
your robot that I could put on a 3x5 card on a small stand
next to your robot so observers may read something interesting
about your robot.  Something like your name, your robot's
name, the processor, it's features, and approximate cost
would be good.  I would like to see at least eight good
robots (I can get rid of a couple of mine to find one of
yours in if need be).

Dallas youngsters will love to see your robot and it may
boost some interest in our robotics group.  If it goes well,
we may want to try to see if other Libraries or malls might
want host a similar display.

The next RBNO meeting will be at the Vista Ridge mall (I35 & ?3040?)
in Lewisville and is on January 27th.  Maybe some of you might be
able to pass me your non-contest robot for the display case at that
time.  It's  better to have too many robots than not enough.  We can
always remove one or two (or ?three?) of my robots to fit your
robot in!

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