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DPRG: Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Subject: DPRG: Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Fri Jan 23 00:14:23 CST 1998

Alan Bredon wrote:
> I discovered this item of paranoia that I think is interesting:
> And it's not from the CORE people!

tons snipped from Ted Kazinsi's writting....

> for power into some harmless hobby.  These engineered human beings may
> be happy in such a society, --->  but they most certainly will not be free.   <---------
> They will have been reduced to the status of domestic animals.
> [from the Manifesto of Ted Kazinski]
> See, no wavelets!  (I hope he doesn't get out of jail and sue me for
> copyright infringement!  I will consider this "fair-use".)

And Ted thinks his way will prevent a loss of freedom?

The media didn't report very much that there was a copy of Al Gore's
enviromental doomsday book in his little cabin (which by the way,
they got tired of searching and finally just put the whole cabin
on a flat bed truck and hauled it off).  I wonder how this would
be viewed if some conservative did a crazy thing and was found
to have a copy of Rush Limbaugh's book in their house.  

Sorry, for the non-robotic rambling,
Back to designing sheetmetal.

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