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DPRG: DPRG T-Shirts for 1998

Subject: DPRG: DPRG T-Shirts for 1998
From: Erick M. Guzowsky zaphod1 at airmail.net
Date: Fri Jan 23 02:40:31 CST 1998

I havent made it to any of your meetings, I work at night.  I would be
interested in seeing if the video you had at one time is still around.
I also would like to get a few of the shirts, so let me know if you are
going to meet on the weekend so I can meet yall.

zaphod1 at airmail.net
P.S. How do you include the text at the end of all of your
messages??????  I think its neat and I would like to personalize mine.

Roger Arrick wrote:

> Jim Brown wrote:
> > I was just wondering if anyone besides me would be interested in
> > having a 1998 DPRG T-Shirt?
> I would. Maybe White this time.  A little more rigid/techy artwork.
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