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DPRG: Library display case

Subject: DPRG: Library display case
From: Bradley Metcalf Bradley at thingbuilder.com
Date: Fri Jan 23 09:09:40 CST 1998

Jim Brown wrote:
> Dear DPRGers:
> I just wanted to remind everyone about the display case
> that we have set aside for the Month of March in a local
> library.
> The library is located at Ferguson and Juaquine
> which is very close to James Vroman's house.  We will have
> the display case for the entire month of March, and we need
> to have some robots and some sort of display material about
> our organization that we can put in the display case.

  I would still be willing to help DPRG with some signage and display
plaques. Let me know if you would like to come by and look at some of
the materials that I have available.



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