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DPRG: Re: Solar Power + Motor Control

Subject: DPRG: Re: Solar Power + Motor Control
From: Dave Hrynkiw dave at solarbotics.com
Date: Sun Jan 25 03:17:37 CST 1998

At 10:36 PM 1/24/1998 -0800, Rick and Debora Everett wrote:
>Isn't the internal resistance higher in the larger value capacitors?

That's generally true, except in the case of Panasonic AL "Gold" series
capacitors, where the internal ESR *DROPS* the higher you go - we're
talking about just 1.7 Ohms for a 0.33F 2.5V cap here. We've found lots of
promising caps that just can't power a motor due to the higher ESR, but
these Gold caps are just dynamite!

>If you have any problems getting your motor running with larger caps,
>you might try putting a 4700 uF cap in parallel with a larger (1+ Farad)
>cap, using the lower internal resistance of the 4700 to "jump start" the

We've used this trick with some of the higher ESR ones we mentioned
earlier. Works well if the big cap isn't too lousy.

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