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DPRG: Combining Existing Technologies

Subject: DPRG: Combining Existing Technologies
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Mon Jan 26 09:05:21 CST 1998

>	My name is Bruce Arambula, I am a District Manager in the Service
>Industry, here in Dallas. I would like to get some information reguarding
>an idea I have for combining existing technologies, which include some
>simple robotics. I can be reached at : byrd at stoutinternet.com .
>			Bruce


I'm the VP of the Dallas Personal Robotics Club and I would love
to talk to you about your application.  I do this type of stuff
on the side.

E-mail or call me in the evenings,

Clay Timmons   ctimmons at onramp.net


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