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DPRG: Library display case

Subject: DPRG: Library display case
From: James & Iliana Holbrook jandi at mpsi.net
Date: Mon Jan 26 15:28:14 CST 1998

Jim wrote:

>I talked to the Librarian today, and they said that they do have
>insurance, and that all we have to do is supply them a list of
>what we have with a price associated with each.
>Also, the size of the display case is much bigger than I once
>thought.  They told me that it's 6' x 6' x 2' with glass shelves!
>That means that we need lotsa robots!!!
>So far, we have 4 for sure and probably Roger's walker would
>make 5!
>If you have a robot you'd like to display for a month in the library,
>please let me know pronto!
>We will have this display case for the whole month of March.

Do they need to be functional ?? I have a few that are not fully functional
at the present time that could be spared for a while.


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