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DPRG: Re: Fear of Nanotechnology

Subject: DPRG: Re: Fear of Nanotechnology
From: S Sunder sunder at rocketmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 27 07:05:29 CST 1998

- ---Justin Kao <jkao at compuserve.com> wrote:
> >May be we are already heading to it by making robots. If 
> >you don't fear robots, then you will not fear anything 
> >else.
> I don't fear robots, I fear nanotechnology that can evolve...

RE: Future robots will use nanotechnology for sure. I am
    going to use in one of them. I am right now designing
    a gene based machine which is a nanotechnology. If the
    idea clicks then it will work like a human body but
    with an opto-electronic brain.

    We are in the avolution process so are other ideas.
    Nanotechnology is the real future one can not deny.
    If you fear it then some one else will do it for you.
    I just thought on the idea proposed by Ron Blue that
    we will be much of a slave of the technology one day. 
    We are already today to a great extent. Robots are 
    just one of that form. We may not be able to live
    without them in the tomorrow's world that we are
    building today any way, at the cost of all our energy
    and resources of the earth.

    Yes, our all work today is just in that direction. 

    However, we may still be the masters unless some one 
    else is actually using us for all this development 
    and one day will used against us all. 

    However, I will not like to fear. I want to work with
    all types of idea considering that human race is all
    capable of taking right decision for its survival. 

    My experience has shown me that there are a lot of bad
    people who always look out for the advanced technology
    for harming people and hence it must not fall in their
    hands at any cost. It is my real concern and not a fear.
    Why any one at all should fear knowledge?

Shyam India 

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> Justin Kao <jkao at bigfoot.com> <jkao at compuserve.com>

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