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Subject: DPRG: Re: dprglist online
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Wed Jan 28 11:01:19 CST 1998

> > Please try to send your previous message again and we'll see
> > if it get through.
> Good job. It now works.


> Did you have a chance to check out my haxapod?

Not yet, the last few nights, I've been a little busy.  I'll get
around to looking at it soon, though - I always like checking out your
stuff - drooling - and wishing I had some money.

Ever thought about making a super cheap robot, like around $40-$50
to blow those owi kit guys outta the water?  We talked last night
at the RBNO meeting that it would be nice if DPRG had a descent,
inexpensive kit for the newbies, and the youngsters who are starting
out and don't have too much money.  Off the top of my head, I was
thinking of an Atmel 2051, a couple of cheap gearhead motors (maybe
modified servos), and a couple of bumper switches or IR proximity.
Don't know if it could be done that cheap, but if it could, I think
there'd be even a bunch of old timers that would want one for messing
around with.  I was talking with a guy last night, and one idea we
talked about was having one servo for steering, and then just have
a hobby motor with a fan for propulsion.  It could go forward and
backward, and steer left and right.  That would cut the cost of
of the drive motor to just a $0.39 cent hobby motor with a fan.  Of
course, the robot would have to be light enough that a fan could
push it.  It might need maybe two or three fans (and hobby motors)
to push it, but I think that would still be cheaper than a gearhead
drive motor or a modified servo.  Just thinking out loud I guess.

> I hope my post didn't sound like an advertisement, :) Thanks, Jim

No prob.  We like reading about the your real robotic creating on
the fly stuff, and see what you came up with stuff - especially the
video on a bot thing!  Hey, we all like bragging a little!  And,
it's ok to announce a new cool slick robot product, now and then. 
Try to limit it to one announcement for each new product, though.

I just do not like reading others pseudo-robotic stuff or beat me
over the head again and again or I got this for sale/free thing that
some do!  Wears out my delete key.  I'll let you know if you start
getting obnoxious!  ;-) ...just keep 'em coming!

At least you're sensitive to it.  It seems that some people just never
get the message!  I appreciate your sensitivity to this issue.

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