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DPRG: Best Method of Knowledge Storage for Robotics

Subject: DPRG: Best Method of Knowledge Storage for Robotics
From: S Sunder sunder at rocketmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 29 04:25:25 CST 1998

Hey Friends,

While I was considering a walking robot with intelligence,
I wondered if there are better ideas in the knowledge and
robotic memory storage formulation.

What could be the best method of Knowledge Storage for such
Robotics Applications where the robot has to do everything
on its own like humans and look for all possible safety 
parameters required for itself and also for other that it
may just find is necessary in the environment anywhere on
the planet earth?

Your idea just may find a real place in the intelligent
robot so please come out with it as early as possible.
Just the idea, no programs, no hardware ! We can do all
that easily.

Shyam India

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