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DPRG: library display case books

Subject: DPRG: library display case books
From: Wade A. Smith wasmith at aud.alcatel.com
Date: Thu Jan 29 14:02:00 CST 1998

> Dear DPRGers:
> I guess for the Library display case we should probably have
> a few robotic books in there too for recommended reading.  <grin>
> I guess we could put a few of our robotic books from our DPRG
> library in there for recommended reading.  Anyone have any
> recommendations of the books we should put in there for recommended
> reading???  Probably just a list of 4 or so books would be enough. 
> If you need, you can see our list of current DPRG library books at: 
> http://www.dprg.org/library.html

It's a good list.

There is also an old TABS book "Build Your Own Working Robot Pet"
(or something) by DeCosta (sp?).  And then there's always the 
99 Robot Projects book.

How about some of the catalogs which contain "robot kits" ??  A 
start-to-finish semi-programmable robot kit for the beginners who
have an interest.


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