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DPRG: Multitasking and motor control

Subject: DPRG: Multitasking and motor control
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Mon Aug 2 10:50:43 CDT 1999

Matt Minnis wrote:
> I am to the point where I am trying to get my robot multitasking, and ran
> into some quirks.
> I am using uCOS as the "operating system"
> I was wondering how some of the rest of you were doing this?
> I have been spoiled for too long by Borland's compilers and not had to deal
> with timing issues in the OS.
> How are you telling the robot it has gone far enough?  That it is time to turn?

There are as many ways to do this as there are operating systems.  Some
people move at a certan rate for a certain length of time, then figure
out where it is, and do it again. Others move a certain distance, (count
wheel turns) then refigure out where it is and do it again.

> Also when calculating the distance between wheels, is that from the inside,
> outside, or middle of the tires?

I would start with the middle of the tires, then adjust the number based
on actual results.  How far does one tire have to roll to make the robot
turn 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees.  Now you have a circumfrence
(sp?) and you can calculate the radius, or effective distance between
the wheels.



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