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DPRG: op amp question

Subject: DPRG: op amp question
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Tue Aug 3 10:48:12 CDT 1999

Don't guess about op amps -- get a data sheet, preferably one with
application examples. I THINK the TL082 can be run single supply, don't
depend on my failure-prone memory. 

I'm sure there are op-amp tutorials available; I wrote one a long time ago
that would give the basics without all the modern developments, but it is
long out of print. Check National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments for
good data sheets and pay more for single-supply devices. 

The +/- supplies USED TO BE the only way to make good op-amps.

The voltage-divider power split isn't good enough. T.I. makes a good
substitute but it probably isn't easy to find.

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Justin Kao wrote:

> Maybe this is a dumb question, I don't know. (Are there any op-amp tutorials
> on the Internet? Something like the Encoder basics articles would be nice.
> :) Is there any reason for V+ and V- supplies on an op amp? Can I connect
> ground to V-? I have a RadShack TL082 "dual bifet op amp" which doesn't need
> a ground connection, only V+ and V-...  For other op amps that have gnd, why
> can't I use a voltage divider to create a level between V+ and the real
> ground?
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