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DPRG: op amp question

Subject: DPRG: op amp question
From: Justin Kao jkao at bigfoot.com
Date: Wed Aug 4 04:51:56 CDT 1999


Thanks for all the helpful replies and information, it looks like I'll have
to do some serious reading!

Bill James:
>If you need some, I can bring a few to the next club meeting.
>I am the product engineer for them.
Thank you very much for the offer.... Unfortunately I'm over here in
overly-sunny California.

Mike McCarty:
>What is your aversion to a split supply?
A rather small robot.  :)  Hm, side question, for those of you with < 10"
robots: any tips for keeping size/weight down? I'm using hacked servos to
drive and getting to much heavier may start to be too much for the motors,
while getting any taller (I'm using stacked perfboard platforms to mount
things on) is gonna make it unstable. I'm starting to run out of room with
sonar and IR still left to add on.

So I spent an hour or so today typing in classical music for my robot. I
think I may have the only robot in the world that can play Golliwogg's
- --
Justin Kao <jkao at bigfoot.com> <ICQ 5903051> <http://www.bigfoot.com/~jkao>


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