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DPRG: op amp question

Subject: DPRG: op amp question
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Wed Aug 4 08:54:50 CDT 1999

I just found my favorite book on analog stuff including
opamps and a supply splitter (page 195, Figure 5-9b).
"Applications and Design with Analog Integrated Circuits"
by J. Michael Jacob ISBN 0-8359-0245-5

What is really great about this book is how "real life"
this book is.  It gives the equations for all the stuff
you need but then ALSO gives real life values for the
resistors, etc.  An example would be how to set up an
opamp for a 10x gain.  The equations are given but then
will go on to say something like "Now, choose R1=10K and
R2=50K.  You should never go above 100K for R2 because..."
I made up this "quote" but it indicates the practical
level of the author's style.  Most other books leave you
guessing as to what values are reasonable.

It's the only book I've seen that is both a good 
theoretical text and a very good cookbook for analog stuff.
It's the first (and usually ONLY) book I reach for when
doing analog design.

				- Dan

> From: Justin Kao [mailto:jkao at bigfoot.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 4:52 AM
> Everyone,
> Thanks for all the helpful replies and information, it looks 
> like I'll have to do some serious reading!


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