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DPRG: request for assistance....

Subject: DPRG: request for assistance....
Date: Fri Aug 6 19:54:33 CDT 1999

)     I am in need of some help. Recently I aquired a functional 486 
)motherboard and would like to place it in a moblie robot platform that I have 
)    My question is this. How can I hook the board , hard drive , and floppy 
)drive up to battery power?  What size battery should I use?  
)    Ok so it was two questions actually.....
)Thanks in advance!

The motherboard probably only needs +5 V and PowerGood to run. The
drives need +5 and +12.

That's about it.

I forget the complete color code on the power connectors, but I recall
for sure

	Black	ground
	Red	+5
	Yellow	+12

I think Blue might be -5, but I don't think it's needed. You DO almost
surely need PowerGood. Just tie it to +5V is ok, IIRC.

Get a voltmeter, and poke around on any motherboard. Look for a non-red
wire with +5 on it. That'll be PowerGood. IIRC, it's on one end of the
MB power connector.

To determine the size of the battery, measure the current draw.  There's
no other way. We can't tell from over here how much current you're
drawing over there.

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