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DPRG: Meeting recap

Subject: DPRG: Meeting recap
From: Clayton Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon Aug 9 09:23:44 CDT 1999

Great meeting!  Lots of news and show and tell.  5 Robots, 20 people.

Treas Report
    We have enough funds to buy a locker to keep club stuff at BPI.

     Everyone wants to have new T-shirts in time for Pepsi Kid Around
      the Sept Contest.  Jim Brown's design #3 was the most popular and
      will fix it up and bring to the next RPL.

Monogrammed Shirts
    Many members also were interested in nicer shirts
    with a monogrammed DPRG logo.   The plan here is
    to give the artwork to a shop at Collin Creek mall then
    anyone who wants can bring thier own shirt to the
    shop and have it monogrammed for a fee.

Biz Cards/Brochures/Trading Cards
    At the upcoming events we will need to have stuff to hand out to
    who want to know more about our club.

Family Place / Pepsi Kid Around
   Kim Wright from Family Place explaing what Family Place is and
   how Pepsi Kid Around came to be.   This is a perfect example of
   DPRG helping the community!

Contest Plans
   Date - Sept 11 since Kid Around is on the 4th weekend
   Room  - TBD,  have to ok with BPI
                     some risk that they will let us hold a contest
there  :(
   Judges -  Robert Posey, Bill James,  Jim Heath
   Assistant - Ralph Tenny
   MC / sound system - Kip Moravec
   Course Setup -  Ed Koeffman
   Forms/Certificates - Clay Timmons
   Timekeepers - TDB
    Video -  Ed Rivers (need to confirm)

Show And Tell
   Rad robot
   Lxynmotion robot and arm
   Omnibot / Armatron arm
   Probotics -  Tricyle robot   way cool!
   Beerbot  with completed arm and Quickcam


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