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DPRG: op amp question

Subject: DPRG: op amp question
From: john.r.strohm at bix.com john.r.strohm at bix.com
Date: Mon Aug 9 18:18:30 CDT 1999

>john.r.strohm wrote:
>"There was a wonderful paperback book in the 1970s.  I can't remember the
>title, but the authors were Hoenig and Payne." 
>Is that "How to Build and Use Electronic Devices Without Frustration,
>Mountains of Money, or an Engineering Degree", Hoenig & Payne, 1973? I just
>picked up a copy for ultra-cheap at a library book sale. Good place to
>cruise for the "classics."

That's the one!


- --John


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