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DPRG: tip41b

Subject: DPRG: tip41b
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Mon Aug 9 17:55:49 CDT 1999

Ben Severson wrote:

> i need the pinout for a tip41b transistor
> thanks,
> ben

Go to the manufacturer's web site. Many manufacturers have detailed data
sheets on the web. I found way more info than I ever wanted to know
about the TIP101 a while back from ST's site.

With that said... According to one of the "Engineer's Mini-Notebook"
booklets: If it's a TO-220 case (plastic or ceramic brick with the big
heatsink tab on the back), the pinout is probably B-C-E (looking from
the front). TO-92 cases (plastic cylinder with one flat side) are often
E-B-C (looking at the flat side), though it depends on the transistor.

Hope this helps,
- -Reeves


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