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Subject: DPRG: Re:
From: barry jordan barry_jordan at email.msn.com
Date: Mon Aug 9 19:29:34 CDT 1999

Barry wrote:
>>RBNO workshop on this Tuesday the 10th and the next regularilly schedualed
RBNO Tuesday night the 17th.
>>We will be working on items for the Pepsi kid-around.

Jim's responce,
>..but I can't this Tuesday.... How about Friday or ...

Jim, you and I can meet some other time, I'm easy. I will work on myyyyy
wife and let you know.

Ed, Eric, Bill, Danny and others,
Hope ya'll can still make it for tomorrow.

BTW, I received the manual for the Rhino Mark III controller today.
Worth the $50 it cost me.
It has schematics for the quadrature encoders and firmware commands for the
Some sample basic code, etc.
You programming wizards can probably make the arm pick your nose.

Barry Jordan
Happy Trails To You


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