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DPRG: Boelube Status

Subject: DPRG: Boelube Status
From: Elliot Johnson elliotj at geocities.com
Date: Tue Aug 10 10:55:22 CDT 1999

Here is the status of the boelube:

Elliot Johnson               2   (paid & recieved)
Barry Jordan                1   (paid & recieved)
Kip Moravec               1   (paid & recieved)
Ed  Koffeman               2  (paid & recieved)
Bradley Metcalf            2  (paid & recieved)
Reeves Hall                  1  (no contact)
Wade Smith                 1   (paid, being shipped)
Robert Jordan              2  (no contact)

So i still need checks from Reeves Hall and Robert Jordan before  can ship their jars.
Btw, has anyone else been using theirs yet?

Elliot Johnson
elliotj at geocities.com


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