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DPRG: Contest Issues

Subject: DPRG: Contest Issues
From: Clayton Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Fri Aug 13 10:59:21 CDT 1999

    Floor Painting

A while back David Anderson posted a persuasive discussion on why we should
paint the course on the floor rather than use the carpet.   Unfortunately at the
meeting we asked Alan Sosby about this and the answer was no.   He had repainted

the floor himself and caught some flack for doing it.

   BPI  Contest  Location at Risk

Alan Sosby said that DPRG officers would need to meet with the president of
BPI to get permission to hold the contest there in September.   I have a
meeting set for 9:00 am next Friday, Aug 20th.    I would like to have a couple
of DPRGers with me at this meeting if possible to let them know we are a
serious organization.     If you can attend this meeting please let me know.

   Alternative Contest Locations

James Vroman mentioned that it might be possible to have the contest
at the Science Place.    James,  any news on this?


- -Clay Timmons-


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