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DPRG: Experienced volunteers needed

Subject: DPRG: Experienced volunteers needed
From: McLain, Charles R Charles.McLain at sw.boeing.com
Date: Fri Aug 13 16:38:02 CDT 1999

If there are any members of this group in the Denton County area, I would
ask you to please direct your attention to http://www.dcbest.com

Denton County BEST, a regional hub of BEST ROBOTICS, is seeking volunteers
and coaches to help coach high-school level students through the process of
designing and building a radio controlled robotic device which will compete
against other such devices in a local competition.  The winner of the local
competition will then move on to the State Competition, etc..

DC BEST is a "hands on" educational program sponsored by the Boeing Company,
Raytheon-Lewisville and the University of North Texas.  Its purpose being to
encourage high-school students to get involved with Engineering, Science and

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer Coach / Mentor can use the email
links on the site above, or reply to me at this address, and I will pass it
along to the proper person.

Thanks, and keep tinkering!

Chuck McLain


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