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DPRG: Contest and Practice Issues

Subject: DPRG: Contest and Practice Issues
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat Aug 14 14:08:41 CDT 1999


Clay writes:

> at the last meeting we asked Alan Sosby about this and the answer was no.
>  He had repainted the floor himself and caught some flack for doing it


> Alan Sosby said that DPRG officers would need to meet with the president of
> BPI to get permission to hold the contest there in September.  
> James Vroman mentioned that it might be possible to have the contest
> at the Science Place.    James,  any news on this?

Seems like there are two separate issues here:

1) Having a cool DPRG contest course (permanent or otherwise) that we can
use for testing and evaluating during the year.  As JonWms wrote:

> I'm working on an SX-based bot (using the 
> Parallax BoE-bot chassis, and I'd certainly like to test it before 
> embarassing myself publicly...

as would we all!

2) Having a place to hold the upcoming contest.  

Looks like #1 will have to be on hold for a while.  Darn!  I thought this
was a done deal.  Are we going to have to get special permission from BPI
for each contest?  Perhaps advisory boards don't usually ask to bring a
bunch of un-insured strangers into the city's facilities.  I wonder if there
isn't there a warehouse or something downtown in need of a 501c occupant?

Seems like #2 might be really nice at the Science Place if they are interested.
I went by the Science Place last evening to see if they have a space that
might meet our needs.  Mac Sudduth was not there but one of the exhibit
personnel (Lynn Morris) took me around and we let the robot wander in the
exhibit area for a bit.  Got lots of attention!  This seems like a natural.

There is a space which Lynn said was not being used for the upcoming robot
exhibit.  It is the room that currently has the two big parabolic reflectors
("whisper amplifiers") and the VandeGraf (sp?) Generator.  The room is about
36 feet by maybe 50 (couldn't tell exactly) and Lynn said it could be
partitioned off from the foot traffic.  Plenty big enough for our carpet/walls
and room for participants and contestants.  Might be pretty cool.

I still have dreams of a permanent DPRG contest course somewhere that we can
use year-round for testing, perhaps with a nice DPRG logo painted in the
end-zone like professional sports!  Guess this will have to wait...



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