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DPRG: Contest Issues

Subject: DPRG: Contest Issues
From: John Walter j.walter at ieee.org
Date: Mon Aug 16 10:34:12 CDT 1999

>I'd like to echo the thought of thin pressed board panels or somethiing
>definately lighter/thiner than regular plywood.  We have a fire fighting
>robot house at Texas Tech that uses plywood for the floors.  

Actually, we rebuilt it with the 15/32" particle board for the floor.  The
walls are made out of plywood, screwed down to the particle board.  
We built it so that you can move it in halves - each a 4x8' section of
walls and floor.  Two people can move each one, but not very far.  This
size will also fit perfectly in the back of a long-bed full size pickup.
I've thought about building one split into fourths-each a 4x4' chunk with
walls and floor.  I'm hoping that will be much more portable.
Oh, and I think that using thinner particle board, at least, would make it
too fragile?  You would at least have to be more careful when moving it...



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