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DPRG: Contest and Practice Issues

Subject: DPRG: Contest and Practice Issues
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Mon Aug 16 12:03:04 CDT 1999

> "James, Bill" wrote:

> Are you asking me?

> My opinions:
> I would like to have the contest pushed to October so we could have at
> the Science Place, it would kill three birds with one stone.
> 1. Solve the problem of having to get permission to have the contest at the center.
> 2. Give us more publicity by having it at the Science place. (Beerbot on TV :-) )
> 3. Give me one more month to get beerbot ready.

I have much to do on my 'bot and little time to do it in, so October
would be fine for me...

As for the other points, I would love the exposure that doing a contest
at The Science Place would afford DPRG.


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