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DPRG: Science Place

Subject: DPRG: Science Place
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Aug 16 13:15:50 CDT 1999

Howdy DPRG

I met this morning with Dr. Mac Sudduth, Paul Vinson, and Liz Bleiberg
at the Science Place in Fair Park.  These are the President and CEO,
VP of Programs, and Executive VP for the Science Place.  Neat folks.

They are _very_ interested in sponsoring our RoboFest, and possibly future
events as well.  The date which they suggested is Saturday, 23 October 1999. 
This would give them time to have a space available for us and do some
advanced PR for the event.  

Liz mentioned that if we are interested in this and can let them know by
this Thursday (19 August) that she can get the event listed in the upcoming
Dallas Morning News "Schedule of Fall Events."  She also mentioned possible
newspaper and television coverage of the event itself.

They are also interested in setting up some robot demonstrations on Saturdays
by DPRG members.  This might be a good exchange for sponsoring the RoboFest,
and establish a nice relationship between DPRG and the Science Place.

I told them I could not speak for the group, but that their offer was quite
attractive and generous, and we'd try to have a response for them by the
end of the week.

This seems like it might be a wonderful opportunity for the group if we
are interested in pursuing it.

best regards,


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