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DPRG: Science Place

Subject: DPRG: Science Place
From: James Vroman vroman at mail.airmail.net
Date: Mon Aug 16 13:24:32 CDT 1999

I vote 100% go for it.

David Philip Anderson wrote:
> Howdy DPRG
> I met this morning with Dr. Mac Sudduth, Paul Vinson, and Liz Bleiberg
> at the Science Place in Fair Park.  These are the President and CEO,
> VP of Programs, and Executive VP for the Science Place.  Neat folks.
> They are _very_ interested in sponsoring our RoboFest, and possibly future
> events as well.  The date which they suggested is Saturday, 23 October 1999.
> This would give them time to have a space available for us and do some
> advanced PR for the event.
> Liz mentioned that if we are interested in this and can let them know by
> this Thursday (19 August) that she can get the event listed in the upcoming
> Dallas Morning News "Schedule of Fall Events."  She also mentioned possible
> newspaper and television coverage of the event itself.
> They are also interested in setting up some robot demonstrations on Saturdays
> by DPRG members.  This might be a good exchange for sponsoring the RoboFest,
> and establish a nice relationship between DPRG and the Science Place.
> I told them I could not speak for the group, but that their offer was quite
> attractive and generous, and we'd try to have a response for them by the
> end of the week.
> This seems like it might be a wonderful opportunity for the group if we
> are interested in pursuing it.
> best regards,
> dpa


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