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DPRG: Science Place

Subject: DPRG: Science Place
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Mon Aug 16 14:37:27 CDT 1999

> From: David Philip Anderson [mailto:dpa at io.isem.smu.edu]
> Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 1:16 PM
> Howdy DPRG
> I met this morning with Dr. Mac Sudduth, Paul Vinson, and Liz Bleiberg
> at the Science Place in Fair Park.  These are the President and CEO,
> VP of Programs, and Executive VP for the Science Place.  Neat folks.
> They are _very_ interested in sponsoring our RoboFest, and 
> possibly future events as well.  The date which they suggested is 
> Saturday, 23 October 1999. 

NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  

Any day but then.  SRS is having their Robothon on that day and
I am planning on attending.  (Yes, really!)

Oh, alright - since no one else from DPRG was going to the SRS 
thing I suppose my *ONE* vote doesn't count for much...  :-(

Let it be up to them (The Science Place folks) to pick the date, but 
if we can move it and others have good reasons also, please pick 
another date.

				- Dan


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