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DPRG: Re: robots

Subject: DPRG: Re: robots
From: Alan Bredon abredon at imagin.net
Date: Mon Aug 16 19:37:58 CDT 1999

Gary Croll wrote:

> There is also www.netzero.com for free internet access. The same company
> offers free webpages for personal or BUSINESS at www.homepage.com

Yes, my nieces use it and man! is it a pain!

The banner stays within a 640 x 480 area in the center of your screen,
even if your screen is set to 800 x 600.  It's always in the way and you
have to constantly move it.  It won't let you move it to the back or
minimize it.  
If you do anything  to get rid of it, it hangs up the connection.

"Free" sure is expensive!  I'll continue to pay $154 per year!



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