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DPRG: please dont send file attachments to the list

Subject: DPRG: please dont send file attachments to the list
Date: Tue Aug 17 17:29:41 CDT 1999

)The issue of attachments sent to the list is apparently a hot one, as
)this is not the first time it has come up. I don't see what the big deal
)is. The rules of the list either imply or state that users should not
)attach binaries to list messages, so we don't.

It is a hot item in every group which has a "no binary" policy.

)Somebody wrote:
)> )You can get free web pages from many places such as geocities
)> )etc.  Or if you ask nicely, Eric Yundt would be happy to place
)> )your image on the dprg web site.  See you do have "any".
)And was answered with:
)> Nope, I don't have any, and I'm not going to get any.
)> And they aren't free.
)As for the first line, this is absolutely your right, but there are
)really just two issues to be weighed here.
)1.	An individual's desire to not have/maintain/etc a webpage.
)2.	The DPRG's desire to not propogate attachments to subscribers.

I am the one who posted that reply.


I don't want that. Those who do want to put out binaries and who don't
have web pages or don't want to put it up on their web pages can send
private e-mail. Either of these is a reasonable solution. My point was
that not everyone has or wants to get a web page, that's all I said,
and all I meant.


)To the issue of webspace cost, there are many places where a person can
)put up a couple of megs of webspace for no monetary charge, such as
)Geocities and Yahoo. Existentially, there is a "cost" associated with
)each of them, in that they have generally have inescapable banners and
)other non-editable elements, usually crediting the provider and/or their
)sponsors, was well as limitations concerning objectionable content (now,
)THERE is a can of worms!). Is this the usage of "free" that was meant?
)Robert Singleton

Getting a "free webpage" is a good way to ensure getting LOTS OF SPAM.
Those who visit such pages are also often guaranteed to get LOTS OF
SPAM. Those of us who don't want to propagate this avoid getting and/or
using "free webpages".



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