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DPRG: biasing & reading a phototransistor

Subject: DPRG: biasing & reading a phototransistor
Date: Wed Aug 18 21:12:57 CDT 1999

)Thanks for the incredibly detailed explanation on comparators.  I've
)also downloaded an application note from National, and it pretty much
)agrees with what you said.  I'll try out the values you suggested and
)let you know how it works.

You're quite welcome, though I have to admit it probably wasn't
appropriate for the general echo.

I wouldn't say that *National* agreed with *me*, I think I'd say it the
other way 'round


Please do let me know how it works out.


)> I hope I included enough example math for you to figure out any further
)> experiments you might want to try.
)You certainly did!  I'm actually starting to remember things from my 
)analog electronics class 17 or 18 years ago.  [Unfortunately, I had the

I guess my hopes were that you could see how the analysis was done, so
if I either made a mistake, or didn't cover something you needed, you
could correct or alter to suit your needs.

I know I tend to ramble on and post larger messages than I should
sometimes. Anyone else wants to kick me for large messages, go right

There's always a balance between including enough material, and putting
out long winded boring stuff which should have been in a private e-mail.

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