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DPRG: biasing & reading a phototransistor

Subject: DPRG: biasing & reading a phototransistor
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Thu Aug 19 06:33:13 CDT 1999

Alan, you said it!

I echo the "thanks, Mike" posts too.  Why iffn it wasnt for Mike I'd
never have got my DPRG h-bridge put together (now if I can ever work 
less than 65 hrs in a week, I'll have a chance to do something with it).
I *am* educatable, so I duz learn whenever someone learns me sumpthin.
So I likes them informative posts.

wade the flour-dough ferner

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:56:34 -0500 Alan Bredon <abredon at imagin.net>
>Don't apologize, Mike.  *I* like your posts.  People can learn from 
>then they wouldn't need to keep asking.  It also shows engineering in 
>good and realistic light, which society doesn't do very well.  
>Hobby Robotists learn very quickly the value of an experienced 
>even though the marketeers, salesmen, and company management seem to
>think that *anyone* can put something together and they easily forget
>where THEIR money actually originates! They need to remember that 
>can have an idea, it takes an engineer to make it work!
>Alan Bredon
>MIKE MCCARTY -- 93789 wrote:
>> )Mike,
>> )
>> )Thanks for the incredibly detailed explanation on comparators.  

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