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DPRG: 8035 info

Subject: DPRG: 8035 info
Date: Thu Aug 19 13:28:37 CDT 1999

)Greetings, DPRG!
)I am looking for info and tools for disassembling 8035 code. I
)understand that they are similar to 8051, et al, but I have had limited
)success finding disassemblers for them, as well.
)My pressing need is to change EPROM parameters on equipment for which
)the manufacturer has gone out of business. The programs are always < 2K
)long (2716 EPROM)
)Any assistance would be wonderful!

I did a YAHOO! search for

	8035 controller

and found


which pointed me to 

>From there I selected "search" and put in "8035". That pulled up app
note AP-70 on how to use the bit instructions of the 8051. In it was
this chart of uControllers

 EPROM	 ROM	External Program   Data	   Inst
Program	Program	Program	 Memory    Memory  Cycle   I/O	Intrpt	Reg.
Memory	Memory	Memory	 (Int/Max) (Bytes) Time    Pins	Sources	Banks 

8748	8048	8035	 1K   4K    64	   2.5us   27	2	2
- ---	8049	8039	 2K   4K   128	   1.36us  27	2	2
8751	8051	8031	 4K   6K   128	   1.0us   32	5	4

I *know* that the 8751/8051/8031 are just different ROM/EPROM amount
variants on the same core, so I *suppose* that the 8035 is analogous to
the 8051 in the same way, i.e. that the 8748 has 1K of EPROM, the 8048
has 1K of mask programmable ROM, and the 8035 has no ROM on board, and
that each of the three is capable of having a maximum of 4K of program



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