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DPRG: powering with charge pump?

Subject: DPRG: powering with charge pump?
From: Justin Kao jkao at bigfoot.com
Date: Thu Aug 19 17:29:14 CDT 1999

Part 1,758,141 of my quest to shrink my robot...  :)

Browsing Maxim's web site, I ran across their "3.3V-input to regulated
5v-output charge pumps." (MAX682) According to the data sheet, it can take
input voltages from 2.7 to 5.5 volts.

Has anyone experimented with using something like this to run a controller
board off the same battery pack as motors? It seems like you could connect
one of these to a NiCd(or NiMH) 4 AA pack and get 5v regulated output, even
when the motors drop the battery voltage to below 5v. A diode placed inline
could drop the battery pack voltage a little to prevent >5v going through
when the pack is fully charged.

Any comments?

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Justin Kao <jkao at bigfoot.com> <ICQ 5903051>


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