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DPRG: Colorado

Subject: DPRG: Colorado
From: Michael E. Shimniok shimniok at ix.netcom.com
Date: Thu Aug 19 21:52:23 CDT 1999


Wondering if there are any other fellow Coloradans who are
members of Dallas Personal Robotics Group.  (My Colorado Full
Size Jeep club has members as far away as Canada, so anything's
possible, right?)

Was reading a post and thought "wow, it sure would be nice to
have other enthusiasts locally to talk to, debug hardware and
software with, and to bounce ideas off for my Perl/Tk 'bot

I know there was a contact listed in CO about 4 years ago.  I
met the guy.  After the robot shop he hung out at closed down,
never saw the guy again and was unable to contact him via email.

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