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DPRG: BPI/Science Place update

Subject: DPRG: BPI/Science Place update
From: Clayton Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Fri Aug 20 11:57:07 CDT 1999

    Just a quick presidential news flash ---

 BPI (Bill Priest Institute for Techinal Development)

BPI is where we currently hold monthly meetings and held our
last contest.   BPI  told us we could no longer meet there
since we are not covered by their insurance.    We were
able to skirt around this issue by becoming an "advisory group"
and contiune monthly meetings there.   Holding another contest
there is a bigger issue than monthly meetings due to the
large number of people, noise, and non DPRG members
involved.   Currently we do not have approval from
BPI to hold another contest there.   A meeting with the
president of BPI was scheduled to discuss what it
will take to hold club contests there.    This meeting has
been postponed until some time next week.

  Science Place

The Science Place is a science museum/planetarium/IMAX
theater located downtown at Fair Park.   For those of you
not familar with Dallas, Fair Park is where the state fair of
Texas is held.   The Cotton Bowl and a hugh ferris wheel
are located there.

Science Place will be having an exhibit on robots and has
contacted our club to see if we could help out.   James Vroman
has been talking with them about this.   David Anderson
took his robot SR04 to Science Place.   With his attention
getting bot he was able to speak with pres and two VPs there
and generate quite a bit of interest.   James, David and I will
be meeting with the Science Place people Monday to
discuss holding our contest there as well as  other
possible collaborations between DPRG and Science Place.

   Richland College

Barry Jordan remined me that Richland College is another
alternative for holding contests/meetings.   They have a robotics
class at Richland  and have been open to the idea of hosting DPRG.


In the short term we need a  place for the contest.   This issue
should be resolved by next week.   In the long term we need
to keep all options open and do what's best for the club.

Keep working on your bots for the contest and Pespi-Kid-Around,

- -Clay Timmons-


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