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DPRG: BPI/Science Place update

Subject: DPRG: BPI/Science Place update
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Fri Aug 20 14:03:39 CDT 1999

> In the short term we need a  place for the contest.   This issue
> should be resolved by next week.   In the long term we need
> to keep all options open and do what's best for the club.

Is it 100% safe to assume that the DATE of the contest will not
be in September?  I have to decide between: 
1) Patch up Drilbert in its current mess of wires or
2) Spend the time to make a custom board.

I want to make the board but I would miss Sept 11 at this point...

				- Dan

PS - I want to repeat my request for a date other than Oct 23
but I'll go with it if everyone else wants that date.  
Check out the SRS prize list!


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