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DPRG: BPI/Science Place update

Subject: DPRG: BPI/Science Place update
From: Jim Brown brownjim at airmail.net
Date: Fri Aug 20 20:47:07 CDT 1999

At 02:28 PM 8/20/99 EDT, you wrote:
>All new meeting places seem to be oriented toward the eastern end of Dallas 
>-- a little tough on the mid cities and Fort Worth folks.  Any thoughts of a 
>location more central, say somewhere near DFW?

DFW may be more central to the metroplex, but it is not central
to where most DPRG members live.  

1.  Most DPRG members are in east of Stemmons (I35E) and north of I30.

	90% of DPRG members are east of Stemmons and north of I30.
	60% are north of LBJ (635) and east of the tollway.  
	There are hardly any west of Stemmons or south of 30.

2.  You'd just be trading who could come to the meetings.

	If we were to move the location west, we who are east and 
	north would probably stop coming.  We already have a much
	longer drive (45 mins to 1.5 hours) compared to those in 
	the mid-cities who don't have such a long drive (30 mins 
	to 45 mins).  It's just not true that people in the 
	mid-cities area drive longer to get to a dprg meeting than
	everyone else.

	You'd be trading membership of those who could come for
	those who can't.  My guess is that people would not care 
	to drive more than an hour and a half to a meeting.  
	In addition, we who couldn't make it that far would probably 
	stop driving that far.  The few you'd gain would be
	offset by those you'd lose.  If I had to drive 2 hours to
	a meeting, I would stop coming and try to start a group in
	Richardson or Plano.

3.  Better Alternatives

	Since most of the DPRG members are more central to Richardson
	or Plano, that would make more sense to me.  Richland College
	is really a very good location - it's much closer to most of
	our membership.  However the Science Place is probably better
	for our club for a number of other reasons.

	It also makes better sense to start a sister club in Fort Worth 
	or Mid Cities so that all might not have a long commute.  My guess
	is that there would be several in FW and mid-cities that would 
	be happy for a 121 & 180 location.  I think some of yall are 
	already meeting for robotics luches, right?  If the group 
	gets going enough, it would seem that it would be great to 
	call it a new group.

	I'm just curious, how many of yall out there would be willing
	to join a new group if it met around 121 & 180 area?  I'd bet
	some dallas members would want to go to both meetings if there
	were two groups going.

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