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DPRG: Contest Issues

Subject: DPRG: Contest Issues
From: JonWms at aol.com JonWms at aol.com
Date: Sun Aug 22 14:10:06 CDT 1999

In a message dated 8/20/99 9:18:36 PM Central Daylight Time, 
rljordan at airmail.net writes:

> Good to see you are still connected to the DPRG. Missed seeing & hearing 
> you.  Hope the movie business is working out for you.

It's beginning to pick up, thanks.  Tomorrow I have a very big audition for 
Radio Shack.  Wish me luck.

> I wanted to give you an update. Partially due to your connection with
> Parallax, and your and mine to the DPRG, I have been able to acquire 
> Parallax products to resell. My site is www.RobotFun.com. Just got the 
> and am due to help with an Educators conference Parallax is doing here in 
> Oct. with the F.I.R.S.T. educators.

I was aware of this.  I have reasonably regular contact with Ken Gracey and 
he asked me about the DPRG contest so that he could attempt to schedule the 
trip around that.  Honestly, I'm looking forward to meeting him in person -- 
we've known each other over the phone and via e-mail four about four years.

Ken and Parallax are very supportive of robotics clubs and activities.  He's 
been very kind to me and I appreciate his kindness and generousity toward the 

> Thanks for sharing your influence! It rubbed off on me and gave me good 

Any time I can help! <grin>


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