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DPRG: Science Place meeting recap

Subject: DPRG: Science Place meeting recap
From: Clayton Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Wed Aug 25 08:38:08 CDT 1999

James Vroman and I met with the staff at Science Place yesterday.
James brought a whole suitcase stuffed with robots including his
line follower and his insect like walking robot.  Of all the places in
Dallas, Science Place is probably the best place to showcase our
club's activities.  Informal education about science is one of their
main goals.  Completely in line with our clubs goals!     To recap the
meeting -


Science Place  will host our RoboRama 99b contest on  October 23rd!
They will be listing this event on their schedules so we will be getting

some free publicity.   With this added publicity we could have a quite
an audience.   Logistics like course setup  judges table, sound system,
award certificates, etc. need to be worked out.   Get those robots
ready this could be our biggest contest yet!

    Robotics Exhibition

Science Place  will be setting up a large robotic exhibit and could
use some volunteers to help with  the set up.   I'm sure several
DPRG  members would be more than willing to help setup cool
robotics stuff.  I will get times/dates when then need help.

    Robotics Demonstrations

During the Robotics Exhibit they would like to have volunteers give
scheduled demonstrations of robotics stuff.  In the exhibit halls they
have small areas setup for a live person to sit and answer questions.
At scheduled times they would like robotic related demonstrations
at these areas.   They like to schedule these as far in advance as
possible.   They just need to know who, what, and when to schedule
them.   If your interested put together a demo and check your
calendar.  I will compile the info and get it to Science Place.

Stay tuned for more info,

- -Clay Timmons-


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