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DPRG: Diffrent terrains for navigation

Subject: DPRG: Diffrent terrains for navigation
From: Matt Minnis mminnis at prefres.com
Date: Wed Aug 25 15:24:08 CDT 1999

The type is Case #1

 > 1. Robot has no prior knowledge of the the enviroment.
 >If the robot doesn't have a world model it is a whole new ball game with
 >different problems.

This is what I am working with trying to figure out.

I want to build a map as I go, since it will be (eventually) taken to 
contests, so it will have no good way to have an accurate map ahead of time.

How can the diffrences between the compass and the encoders be 
reconciled?  If I am right next to the filecabinet, or iron wood burning 
stove, the compass will be off.  How do I know the compass is out of whack 
and not to trust it?  How do I know that the encoders are correct since we 
are on a ideal floor?

How do you determine when a sensor is correct and when it is just wrong?

I suppose this would make a good book in itself...


Matt Minnis

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