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DPRG: BPI meeting recap

Subject: DPRG: BPI meeting recap
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Wed Aug 25 17:52:30 CDT 1999

Clay & James & All,

I agree:
Sept 18 meeting and Pre contest testing of robots, course, judging tools,
etc at BPI
October 23 RoboRama at the Scinece Place

Perhaps we could schedule with the Science Place to setup for our contest
Friday or at least have a "meeting" space for pre-contest prep

Robert Jordan

James Vroman wrote:

> I feel The Science Place is a better setup for our contests. Maybe we
> should move the meeting to Sept 18 and have a practice at BPI but still
> hold the contest at The Science Place in October.
> This would give all of us a chance to get our Robots running after the
> Pepsi Kid Around and give a better contest with more participation and
> public exposure.
> Clayton Timmons wrote:
> >
> > Alan Sosby and I met with Dr. Bounds who is in charge
> > of the Bill Priest Institute.   The meeting was to get
> > approval to hold DPRG contests at BPI.  BPI has
> > two concerns with our contests but both issues
> > have a solution.  As long as DPRG takes care
> > of both issues we have the OK to hold contests
> > at BPI.
> >
> > The first concern with DPRG contests is the
> > noise.   This is not acceptable when they have
> > "quite please, testing in progress" on the nearby
> > rooms.   This issue is easily solved by scheduling the
> > contest around the testing.   The contest was planned
> > for Sept. 11th which had some testing.   The following
> > weekend, Sept. 18th, is open with no testing.
> >
> > The second concern is with the large number of
> > people and children at our contests.    Unsupervised
> > children can get into trouble and possibly get hurt.
> > Children are not normally at BPI and this is a liability
> > concern for them.  The suggestion was made to
> > have a couple of club members patrol the halls
> > during the contest for crowd control.   While this
> > would work I'm sure all club members would want
> > to see the contest rather than wander the hallways.
> > An alternative to having club members work
> > crowd control would be to hire an extra security
> > officer during the contest.   An officer in uniform
> > would be more effective at crowd control than a
> > plain clothed DPRG member. We speculated that
> > you could hire a security gaurd  for 1/2 day
> > (4 hours) for about $10 per hour.   If  so then
> > the club could spend $40 for a gaurd  to patrol the
> > halls during our contests.
> >
> > Bottom line - we can have a contest at BPI on
> > Sept. 18th if we provide a security gaurd.
> >
> > -Clay Timmons-


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