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DPRG: Diffrent terrains for navigation

Subject: DPRG: Diffrent terrains for navigation
From: DP w008403 at airmail.net
Date: Thu Aug 26 00:54:57 CDT 1999

Another major resource on robot navigation is at :
There's a paper linked called "Where Am I" that I've downloaded but not
read. One robot they have there is the MDOF which basically corrects it's
own odometry errors. (Picture 2 differential drive robots connected with an
arm --->MDOF). These are mostly for "ideal" surfaces, but are a
possibility. Markers (infrared, sonar, radio) are another possible way of
"exacting" a location in an unknown, ie: robot plants one at a starting
point and calculates and/or triangulates (plant another) from there.

At 03:24 PM 8/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>The type is Case #1
> > 1. Robot has no prior knowledge of the the enviroment.
> >If the robot doesn't have a world model it is a whole new ball game with
> >different problems.
>This is what I am working with trying to figure out.
>I want to build a map as I go, since it will be (eventually) taken to 
>contests, so it will have no good way to have an accurate map ahead of time.
>How can the diffrences between the compass and the encoders be 
>reconciled?  If I am right next to the filecabinet, or iron wood burning 
>stove, the compass will be off.  How do I know the compass is out of whack 
>and not to trust it?  How do I know that the encoders are correct since we 
>are on a ideal floor?
>How do you determine when a sensor is correct and when it is just wrong?
>I suppose this would make a good book in itself...
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