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Subject: DPRG: My .signature
From: Chip Nettles chipperbug at hotmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 26 11:25:46 CDT 1999

I am interested in the technique.  Could you forward my some more 
information?  Thank you.

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>Subject: DPRG: My .signature
>Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 9:40:39 -0500
>)Hi Mike,
>)So what you are saying, is that the output of the compiled program is
>)the same thing which you compiled?
>)If so, that's something...
>Well, even if not it's *something*. I suppose you mean it is something
>I recall many years ago (like 20 or so) my wife was studying virology
>in graduate school. She was studying how viruses reproduce, and was
>having a hard time. She came to me for help. Well, I'm not a biologist,
>so I could hardly understand *any* of it. But she'd explain the
>meanings of words, and gradually I came to understand how it works.
>I had just a few months before come across the concept of the
>"self-reproducing" program which displays its own source. At one time
>(late 1950's) some guy proved a theorem that a self-constructing
>machine could not be built, because the machine would have to have the
>instructions for constructing a machine in it, which would have to have
>the instructions in them, so that there would be an "infinite regress".
>In effect, a program for such would look like this
>	begin
>		print "begin
>			print """begin
>					print """""begin
>							...
>					       end """""
>			      end"""
>		      end"
>	end
>This program is "self-reproducing" in a certain theoretical sense, but
>it never terminates, being infinite in length (and unconstructible in
>the real world). Anyway, when I heard that some wiseacre or other had
>actually written a program which could reproduce itself, I got very
>interested. It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to do it, and
>another couple of hours actually to write a program (in Pascal) which
>*did* it.
>When I finally understood how viruses work, how they reproduce, I was
>amazed to see that my program used the very same technique. I became
>very excited. It was like, as Newton said, "Thinking God's thoughts
>after Him." Anyway, I explained it to my wife, and have retained an
>interest in such matters. Goedel's theorem is similar in a way.
>I came across this C language version, and put it in my sig, just a few
>years ago. It's *much* easier in C than in Pascal.
>This subject is, of course, relevant to roboticists, should they ever
>desire to construct sel-reproducing robots.
>If anyone likes, I'll describe the technique and explain the program.
>char *p="char 
>I do not speak for Alcatel. <- They make me say that.
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