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DPRG: OS-9 anyone?

Subject: DPRG: OS-9 anyone?
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Thu Aug 26 21:26:21 CDT 1999

MIKE MCCARTY responded to another post with:

> )I was wondering if anyone has experience with a real time OS named OS-9 from
> )Microware? I remember it from my opld TRS-80 color computer days. I suppose
> )it's been supplanted by Linux, but thought it might be useful for those
> )using laptops
> )and PC boards for their brains.
> )Craig Reynolds
> I would not characterize Linux as a real-time operating system.

Out of the box, as it were, no. There is a bunch of customized
extensions forming a package called RT-LINUX where it is essentially
Linux running in single user mode with the kernel optimized for real
time activity.

I have not touched it, but read about it in Linux Journal or some such

OS-9 I have heard of and I understand it has been ported to a number of
hardware platforms.

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